Lemmings and Checked and Carry-on Luggage? The choice is yours!!

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Your luggage and the Lemming. The Lemming is a rodent known for following the leader even to their death (Sounds Extreme? The consequenses are extreme for your checked and carry-on luggage and your reason for traveling! Read on.) Due to their association with this odd behaviour, lemming suicide is a frequently-used metaphor in reference to people who go along unquestioningly with popular opinion, with potentially dangerous (loss or theft of medications, business documents, or personal belongings)  or negative affects to their reason for being or in this case traveling by air today with your checked or carry-on luggage.

As I mentioned before in a previous post, when American Airlines imposed the new fee of $15.00 to check your first bag for a flight, my prediction was that other airlines would soon jump on board with the new fee and today this has become a reality. United Airlines and US Airways both announced they would follow suit. This is only the beginning for increased checked baggage fees for you the air travelers. When a major airline gets away with the initial attempt  to impose a new fee other airlines even the smaller ones  will follow and my prediction has become a reality. Even Midwest Airlines known as the “Best Domestic Airline” many years in a row has now added the new luggage fee for the second checked bag but not yet the first  (But I feel it coming.) This is an airline (One of the best in the industry and if you have not heard of them, check them out you might be amazed when you fly on them) that always followed the beat of its own drum but now has no problem following what the other carriers are doing for reasons of survival. You see folks, it is survival time and only the strongest airlines can survive and there are not many finacially strong airlines (meaning cash reserves in the bank) that can hold out very long before they are gone or become absorbed by another carrier.  

Please do not follow the lemmings and “Demand” your rights as an air travel consumer? This is your money, your reason for traveling, your property but like I have said before, the airlines need to held accountable for the increases of delayed, lost, pilfered, and damaged bags that has spiked dramatically over the years since 2001 and folks this is your personal property and reason for traveling by air. Now is the time to stand up for yourself. I have offered you advice in the past on what you can do but it is up to you to take preventative measures for you self now.

Charge me the money but improve your luggage handling performance; drive improvement we all know that the airlines are being crushed by the HIGH fuel prices and many hard working airline employees are losing their jobs after many years of impeccable service and they are reaching out for additional ways to bring in new untapped revenue opportunities and your luggage has become a great opportunity for additional income but then the airlines should become accountable for your Luggage handling performance.

The airlines are so brasen that they state clearly if we delay, lose, damage, or pilferage your luggage, you will still pay the new fee and we will not refund it no matter what. This is outrageous to me and it should be to you. Make them earn the money they are now charging you. If you choose not to do anything about it then you really have nothing to say about it when it happens to you.

Best Wishes for what ever reason you are traveling.

Scott T. Mueller

Author: The Empty Carousel a Consumer’s Guide to Checked and Carry-on Luggage



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